Short and Sweet Synopsis

How have I NOT updated this in 4 years?  I’ll tell you how, I moved to Haiti instead.  Holy Moly folks I need to pull my organizational life together. We moved to Haiti in May 2015. It is harder and more wonderful than I ever could have imagined. God is using our little lives and family to love people here and by the grace of God we are loved right back. We started a non-profit called KONBIT (pronounced cone-beat) which means to work together. We work here with Haitians to see God glorified through discipleship, job creation, micro-loans, supporting school and churches, home building, repairs and so much more. We are jacks of all trades and try to never miss an opportunity to love well.  Check it all out at I am honored you would spend a minute learning about us. I am Rachael and I am chief communicator and blather here regularly. My husband is Kris and he is 6’6″ of hubba hubba and also sincerely the most humble, kind, self sacrificing guy I know. Then we worked together and made Anna (16), Levi (14), and Lydia (8).  Our kids sacrifice more than most any kids their age can imagine and they do it with grace and love. They make my heart swell with pride.  So this is us, the Colemans. We live in Haiti and we love it. Follow our blog, connect with us, we like people, so chances are we will like you.


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