ARCHAIC a female warrior
A friend in Haiti has been caring for our dogs. As much as we hated to do it, it was easier to leave them there and we had a friend who was willing to care for them. She was looking for a place to stay, so we offered our place rent free if she would look after the dogs. That was going great until the unrest boiled over into what now feels more like a war. She is a medical professional and was beginning to have trouble traveling to work from our place, 2 miles away. In order to insure she could get to work daily we asked her to relocate. She moved with Sheriff, our 9.5 year old boxer to live on the clinic grounds until things settled. Our tiny chorkie, Libby, stayed with a Haitian staff member who was moving into the KONBIT house to look after things while it was empty. This was going ok and Sheriff was happy to be on a large compound with grass. Fast forward to 48 hours ago. Our wonderful dog caretaker, found out that she had a very ill family member and would need to leave country very soon. She had to get out and we were out of options for our dogs. She was also caring for Jessie’s dog, Cherie, and so a plan began to take shape to evaluate our friend and 3 DOGS! The only way this could work is if she could navigate the roads to Port-au-Prince and if Missions Flight International was flying and had space for her and the pups. So very many variables and they all had to line up perfectly for this to work. We got to work setting everything up so she could work in the clinic everyday and serve her patients. 

1st – MFI was flying Thursday and they had space. CHECK.

2nd – We found a driver willing to brave the roads. CHECK.

3rd – We got the health certificate for the 3 dogs completed by an American Vet/missionary. CHECK.

4th – Get the van ready to make the trip. Scratch that because it won’t start. Get the truck ready to transport. CHECK.

5th – Find all the dogs medicine, leashes, collars, kennels, and medical records in Haiti…from the states. CHECK.

6th – She will need help caring the kennels, so we need to hire extra people to travel with her. CHECK. 

7th – Make sure our friend has enough cash to pay driver, assistants, and to bribe gangs at roadblocks if necessary. CHECK.

Every thing is lined up and there are only 4 million ways in which the entire thing could unravel. At 4:45AM Our driver and truck arrived at the clinic with 2 helpers to collect our friend and the dogs. They took off and we were so excited that they arrived at a coffee shop in Port in decent time despite all the road blocks. After a little break, they headed for the MFI (Missionary Flight International) office near the airport. While there doing initial paperwork it became clear that they were stuck. Blockades had been erected on either side of them so they and the truck were totally stuck. They attempted to walk, carrying the dogs in their kennels to the terminal but they could not pass. At this point, the KONBIT family and prayer warriors went to work. Prayer chains from several churches and many individuals asked God to make a way so that our friend and dogs could pass. We don’t know many details, but we know they hopped into our truck at 11AM and they went for it. And Praise God, I don’t know how, but they made it! I don’t know what God did and I don’t know how He did it but I do know that He worked. Many people were lifting this effort up to God and I know that He moved. I fought today, in prayer. Many others fought today in prayer. Our friend fought fear, doubt, and fatigue and she made it. Because of her courage and willingness, with thanks to God for splitting the sea, she and the pups are safe in the US for a bit. What a warrior she is. For her patients, for her friends, and even for the dogs.

I wore this key as a necklace all day today. I needed to be reminded that I could fight. That while I could not physically do much of anything I could fight in prayer and I could make a call for prayer. So we do not despair about Haiti! We fight. We are warriors, so are you ,and so is our friend. When you can’t help physically let’s lend our strength to prayer. THERE IS HOPE! Jesus is HOPE and HE is not asleep and He has not forsaken Haiti and her people. 

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