Juxtaposition July


What I want this month.
~24-7 Air conditioning
~steak (really, any meat with no bones)
~cold, crisp salads
~smooth roads
~friendly customer service
~cold drinks
~ice cream
~my sisters, brothers, moms, dads, nieces, nephews, Aunts, Uncles, cousins… I want to squeeze them, catch up with them, laugh with them.
~traffic laws
~personal space
~to jog
~time with my children
~time with my husband
~a trip to Target
~no knocks at the gate
~no school
~organized, comfortable, nearby grocery stores
~a crock pot
~corn on the cob
~english worship
~no hassle electricity
~never-ending water supply
~hot showers
~to wear make-up
~to do my hair
~to meet with a counselor
~not to sweat into my eyeballs
~movie theaters
I apologize for listing all the foods individually, it’s healing…just ask my therapist.



What I will miss this month.
~every “good morning” or “good afternoon”
~every smile and warm greeting
~every giggling child who wants to connect
~every knock at our gate
~every need we will not be here to know
~all the piklis
~all the Haitian coffee
~every visit from our community
~the delivery of every “Meals on 2 Wheels” buckets (it will still happen)
~our missionary Bible study
~our missionary tribe
~Stanley, Jessie, Jeanette, and Jenna (Team KONBIT)
~every sweaty kiss on my cheeks
~Sheriff, the greatest dog on the planet.
~watching God move in KONBIT 
~watching God move in Lafferonnay
~morning devotions in my “Jesus” chair. Don’t judge, it’s a great chair.
~joking with my neighbors
~being known and loved 
I apologize for listing all the Haitian community oriented things individually, but the way they do community is addictive and just truly the most beautiful, Jesus like thing. Each deserved their own line.

It is hard to live here and it is hard to leave here. Even just for a month break. As a family we are looking forward to JULY. We will be stateside traveling from FL to IL and back again. We are looking forward to a break from the pressures of survival in Haiti.  We just want to play with our kids and spend time with them without needing to burn the trash, switch the power, pump the water, cook from scratch, open the gate and to meet community needs that can rarely wait. We always talk about our ministry on here but rarely the toll survival takes on us physically and emotionally. Maybe that will be my next blog. A day in the life, survival in Haiti. I will work on that for my August update.    For July we want to play and be together as a little unit. We are so excited to nurture and care for our children and marriage like we do our community and organization. I am afraid life in Haiti has made for much neglect of things we used to be so disciplined at prioritizing. We also get to be with extended family. My heart is so full as we plan to see and spend time with siblings and parents and their families. Every missed B-day, fun day, work day, lunch, celebration, and the feelings of grief multiply. We miss them so dearly and it only gets harder to be away…not easier.  


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The strange juxtaposition of feeling pulled between 2 places we love.  The creature comforts and our family in the US vs. our community, ministry, and team in Haiti.  

Thanks for supporting us as people and as a family. Thank you for not being critical when we take time to rest and be with loved ones. You might be surprised how many missionaries are criticized for even just taking a day at the beach. We are grateful that our friends and support base have always loved us and encouraged us to care for ourselves.  I believe we are better for it and more effective as ministers.  This month will be about us loving our little family and our extended family too.  Thank you for your prayers as we travel and connect.  We will be speaking only once to a large group (by design) but would still appreciate your prayers that we would communicate effectively.  I am also sure there will be a thousand small conversations as we travel about. You just never know how God will use those interactions to meet some of the needs of our friends here and continue to build our prayer team.

Until we return Ayiti Cherie.

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